23 DIY Great Ideas For Home Décor

Bringing your personal style to your place is a way to show the world exactly who you are, what you think and what do you like. DIY: Wonderful Home Décor Ideas provides you with 23 suggestions to decorate your home in a much less expensive way. Besides, this will be a much more personal journey than just buy something randomly at a generic store and will work as a kind of therapy to help you cope with stress.

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Enjoying art as therapy

Artmaking is a common activity used by many people to cope with stress and illnesses. This form of therapy helps benefit those who suffer from mental illnesses as well (chronic depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, etc.). It is difficult to measure the efficacy of art therapy as it treats various mental illnesses to different degrees; although, people can escape the emotional effects of various illness through artmaking and many creative methods. Sometimes people cannot express the way they feel, as it can be difficult to put into words, and art can help people express their experiences. It is said that during art therapy, people can explore past, present and future experiences using art as a form of coping. Art can be a refuge for the intense emotions associated with illness; there are no limits to the imagination in finding creative ways to express emotions.

This type of unconventional therapy is used to cultivate self-esteem and awareness, improve cognitive and motor abilities, resolve conflicts, or stress, and inspire resilience in patients. It invites sensory, kinaesthetic, perceptual, and sensory symbolization to address issues that verbal psychotherapy cannot reach.

Home Décor DIY: where should you start?

Re-purposed materials are a great way to get started with your DIY projects. Besides, enjoying art as therapy might be a huge help in lowering stress levels. However, instead of running to thrift store for some inspiration, just look around your home, in the garage and in the attic for materials to work with. Organize the material bellow and get ready to fabulous ideas that will turn the unwanted into show stopping decor.

Crafts Supplier to Have on Hand

Glue Gun


Utility Knife

Measuring Tapes


Mod Podge

Tool Set

1. Wall Art

Adorn the wall with trendy and fun decorations are the simplest way to embellish any space. Even more when the decoration is made up by yourself which besides the fun, turns the whole process a unique experience that leaves you with something unlike anything else. Not to mention all the  benefits that using art as therapy brings to the health.

Gold Foil Prints

Frame Wall

Framed Fabric Bulletin Board

Heart-Shaped Picture Collages

Sticker Wall Decor

Glitter Canvas

Marquee Sign

Brandy Melville Sign

Washi Tape Door

Ombre Painted Canvas

Chalkboard Frame

Flower Monogram

2. Hanging Decoration

Hanging Decoration is a great way to save space and add a whimsical touch to any room. A great way to fill an entire space with stylish features from top to bottom, these DIY hanging home decor items will certainly cause amazement.

Clothespin Pictures

Yarn Wall Hanging

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Antler Jewellery Holder

Motivational Quote Pennant

Feather Garland

Tassel Garland

3. DIY Desktop Decor

A colourful, positive ambience can greatly influence one`s day, it can construct that strong feeling of belonging that makes one feel comfortable, at home. At work, we sadly rarely get the opportunity to envision our desk from the ground up. At home, however, you can absolutely change this game! You`re going to change that shortly through little, simple, inexpensive DIY projects that will claim the space and make it prettier, more practical, and infinitely more interesting. Cast a glance below.

Magnetic Makeup Organizer

Gilded Geometric Pot

5. Fancy Fabrics

Luxury in interior design isn’t about exorbitant re-decorating and gilt-edged objects. The essence of luxury is comfort and elegance – which not necessarily need to cost a fortune. Everyday luxury in the home can be achieved by carefully choosing key staples which will last. Beautiful textiles are a clever way to create a sense of luxury. The wonderful ideas with DIY techniques will make you transform an old piece of furniture into a gorgeous throw or new upholstery. A hand-printed linen bedspread can turn a bedroom into a chic boudoir.

Wool Round Pillow

Leaf String Art