How to Clean Your Bathroom Correctly

How to Clean Your Bathroom Correctly

Do you know how properly cleaning this crucial area of your home?

For good health and hygiene, it’s essential to maintain an immaculately clean bathroom! Of all cleaning tasks, however, cleaning the bathroom is one of the most unpleasant jobs but there’s no getting around it. When it comes time to give your house cleaning, it’s a good idea to gather the necessary cleaning supplies together beforehand.

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Put them in a bin so they are easier to carry from room to room. Put your bathroom cleaning products in a separate bin since cleaning the bathroom requires many supplies. Essential cleaning supplies for the bathroom including soap scum and mildew remover, window washing fluid, surface cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, sponges, a scrub brush, floor cleaner, and a rag for dusting.

So let’s talk about how to clean the bathroom.

  1. The first step you should take when cleaning your bathroom is to tidy up by putting everything in its place and removing any dirty towels or clothes.

    If the rugs haven’t been washed in a while, stick them in the laundry room.

  1. One of the hardest parts of cleaning the bathroom is cleaning the shower.

If the shower is not cleaned on a regular basis, soap scum and mildew can build up. Since cleaning the shower is the most exhausting part of cleaning the bathroom, it’s good to start there so you don’t run out of energy to do it later. If the soap scum and mildew have built up quite a bit, spray a cleaning solution and leave it there to soak prior to scrubbing. Don’t forget to clean the shower door, curtain, and track. There are many effective shower cleaning products out there, we listed some of them. After cleaning your shower, rinse it very well to remove residue from the cleaning products and any loose dirt that remains.

3. The next step to take after cleaning your shower is cleaning the mirror

Some people may enjoy writing messages to family members on the foggy mirrors after a shower but the downside to this is that it can leave streak marks. Give your mirrors a good cleaning with some window cleaner to get rid of streaks. Then use rags to dust the shelves, baseboards, moldings, and door frames.

4. After you’re done dusting, clean the sink and faucet.

You can use any cleaning product designed to clean bathroom surfaces to clean the sink, countertops, or pedestal if you have a pedestal sink.

  1. Once you finish cleaning the sink, it’s time to get to the dirtiest job: cleaning the toilet.

The toilet has many parts and you have to clean all of them well. The inside of your toilet can be cleaned with a brush and toilet bowl cleaner. The rim and undersides of the lid and seat need to be wiped clean with a surface cleaner and rag. Don’t forget to also wipe down oft-neglected areas like the back of the toilet and the pedestal near the floor.

  1. The last steps you should take when cleaning your bathroom are sweeping, mopping, and emptying out the trash. It is more eco-friendly to use sponges and rags to clean the bathroom but many people prefer to use paper towels because of all the germs that tend to hang around in there. By emptying out the garbage last, you can get rid of all of those germ-infested paper towels and finish with a squeaky clean, germ-free bathroom.

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